About Don Kringel

Artist, night owl, nerd. Lives in a natural habitat close to computers and feeds off comics, watercolour and ink. Can be lured into the open by mentioning Marvel, dinosaurs, orcs, art nouveau, or chocolate.

I love to draw, and all the highs and lows that come with it. Initially, I only wanted to dip a toe into the oceanic depths of art varieties, but soon took a running start and jumped head first into watercolour, lineart, and harsh black-and-white contrasts.
Being enthusiastic is my thing, which also carries over into my other hobbies, such as reading comics, of course, but also juggling, mathematics, and role-playing games.

Latest Projects:

Crowns of Bone

Silent manga collection.

More about it on my comic page.

I contributed a 2-page comic and a post card as merchandise for this Loki zine.

More information about the zine here.

I made a full page art and a sticker sheet for the Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Zine.

More information about the zine here.