Protector & Desecrated Ground

Dark Fairy Tale, Witches, Monsters

“Protector & Desecrated Ground” is a collection of two dark fairy tale comics, one with 12 pages and one with 26 pages. The comics were started at a 12 Hour comic event and a 24 Hour Comic event, respectively, and then finished later.

A witch lives in the nearby forest. She seems to protect the townspeople from monsters, but is that really all she does…?

Desecrated Ground
The woods are dangerous. A monster roams the thicket, killing people. Arden is just trying to get by, like many other people, by foraging in the forest. By chance, they stumble into a deadly situation – which lays the path to unraveling the myth of the monster.

Crowns of Bones

Fantasy, Adventure, Slice of Life, Found Family, LGBTQ

Come and explore the ancient woods, where humans don’t often dare to go, and where creatures of myth and folk tales thrive unseen.

Crowns of Bone is a short story collection of currently two silent manga.

Forest hearts
Two siblings are marched away from home by their captors – through the outskirts of the ancient woods. The situation looks bleak, but they’re not ready to give up yet.

Feran is a Cervitaur living in the woods, and he’s running late. Rushing onwards, he must track and chase what is important to him. Will he be quick enough?

From Ashes

Hopepunk, Post-apocalyptic, Slice of Life

The apocalypse happened — but it wasn’t the end of humanity.
People are still fighting to survive, but they also work together to rebuild and grow.

“Raiders of a Lost Art” and “Tale Trader” are two short stories about a more hopeful outlook on life after the apocalypse.

Raiders of a Lost Art
After reports of a newly uncovered abandoned building reach the village New Alexandria, a small group of people set out to salvage what they can.

A trip that promises great spoils, but is not without risks.

Tale Trader
The marketplace is a venue where many people from different villages meet. Here, Tanith offers her valuable goods: books. It doesn’t matter if it’s science or stories, books are sought after. Strangely, Tanith often only trades for some odds and ends, and a whole lot of worthless scrap…

Tall Poppies

LGBTQ, Fantasy, Orcs, Girls Love

Tessa lives a quiet life: She has her little cottage, grows herbs and flowers and supplies her village with them.
When an orc woman moves into the village, most people see it as a possible threat, even though orcs aren’t the enemy anymore. Tessa wants to see it as an opportunity for kindness, instead…